Why "The Phoenix Empowered?"

For many, the phoenix is a symbol of rebirth. The Phoenix turns to ashes and from those ashes, rises again. That can be applicable to our own lives. When we face trauma or pain, especially repeatedly, we tend to be broken down. As we feel we have been reduced to our figurative ashes, the hope is that we rise again when we are ready. There is a piece missing within this belief. How can we expect those who have been broken by people and/or experiences to rise? We must empower each other to know our value and create space for healing. Only then, will a person rise up and soar.

Mission Statement

The Phoenix Empowered creates a space for strength and empowerment aimed towards those who feel they have been silenced. This movement reminds us that we can rise from the ashes after trauma or hurt, but we must support and inspire each other to find that voice and heal.

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Vision StateMent 

Through storytelling, interactive consultation and innovative advocacy, The Phoenix Empowered hopes to provide moments of reflection during darker moments of life. It is crucial that a message of empowerment and self-acceptance reach the global community. The Phoenix Empowered will remind people of their worth and potential for community change. It is our hope that individuals are empowered to share their stories and provide data to consider for societal change.